Palgeo Console Alerts Feature Set

Difference between Alerts & Notifications: While people generally refer to “Alerts” and “Notifications” interchangeably, it is a common misconception that both terms mean the same. An “Alert” is a signal prompting the user that their attention is required and they should look at something. Common examples are :- Success / Fail Message, Perimeter warning, sound […]

Palgeo Task Management Function

The “Task Allocation” module is bundled with the Geofencing based Attendance Management system which is a comprehensive system enabling organizations to track, monitor and manage employee attendance.  Palgeo provides an innovative, smart and secure time logging and management application using latest technologies such as Geofencing, Face Recognition etc. For more details and to request for […]

Palgeo e-Circulars Management System

What is an e-Circular System: e-Circulars help in mass transmission of important organizational announcements to all concerned staff members or employees. Any schedule changes, holiday / leave communications, notifications about organizational policies / policy changes can be communicated with all requisite employees. Palgeo e-Circular System: Palgeo e-Circular system consists of two modules: e-Circular Administration e-Circular […]