Added New Advantage in Touchless Attendance

CCTV Check In now enhanced with Unidentified Face recognition and Alert in Attendance Management Software

In tech era, organizations give more important to security systems. Our Palgeo CCTV Check In Feature now enable with Face Recognition alerts. Introducing unidentified person’s face recognition and alert in entries/exit as a new feature in “CCTV check In” Geofencing based attendance app. Using Artificial Intelligent tech to match detected faces with faces of known people from a watch list #palgeo

CCTV is now being used common everywhere. But the active video observation is not applied anywhere. Palgeo – Attendance Management Software has CCTV Check In feature and now it has  live video surveillance with alert is available.

When new person(except existing staff’s/student’s) walk in to the campus / office entry, our “CCTV check In” system alerts(Capture and marked) unidentified person.

When the face is recognized a message is sent to the higher authority regarding the time and date of access.(This is called geofence attendance) When face is not recognized an alarm will be played to notify the security guard about the unauthorized entry attempt. Also a message is sent to higher authority regarding the entry time and date

Here we have a data set consisting of Shorted images(staff’s/student’s/employees). The image captured from the camera is taken and compared with the images in the dataset using defined algorithm made by Palgeo dev team. If the two images  doesn’t matches then the alert system works.

That is rather than analyzing the footages after the incident occurred, notify the authority of organization at the time of incident so that higher authority can take necessary action without any  delay.

This systems help in targeting the security breaches towards preventing property loss and getting something worse.

The Palgeo Geo fencing based Attendance system is suitable for all kinds of Organizations having single / multiple operating units, healthcare, hospitality, Educational campuses or Universities etc.

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