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FAQ’s on Geofencing Attendance Management System Software

Geofencing is technology that uses mobile GPS capability to create a virtual geographic boundary or fence for its employees.Employees can’t clock in or clock out beyond a geographic boundary that employers set up.

  • Enforces accuracy in the attendance records
  • Provides a true physical / touch free smart attendance system.
  • Combines the convenience of using a mobile app with facial recognition to mark attendance
  • For organizations, ensures accuracy by ensuring that employees are at the plant / location when they punch in and brings in employee accountability.
  • Organizations can track employee locations, monitor daily mandatory tasks, send out e-Circulars, generate AI & BI reports for higher management usage and analysis.

Organizations can start using the Palgeo Geofencing attendance software easily within a few minutes by simply importing basic staff data from spreadsheets. There is no  hardware investment from the customer side.

Our cloud based application architecture ensures that Organizations such as Educational Institutes, Universities, Hospitals, Banks, Hotels and multiple other industries can benefit from using the Geo Attendance app.

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