Introducing Duty Roaster – Staff Scheduling in Palgeo’s Geofence Attendance App

Duty Roster means the allotment of jobs, hours of duty, and days off for each member of the staff. The work shifts or timings may vary according to the organazation. By simple word working schedule for the following week/month.

Palgeo geofence attendance system understood the complexity of scheduling and matching time slots of the employees.

Palgeo creates timesheets for each employee based on the roster or from their clock IN/OUT times. It’s so easy to create time shift schedule from anywhere and respond immediately to last-minute changes to the schedule.

palgeo’s duty roster make sure that each and every shift has sufficient employees to keep things running steadily and well organized manner. It help’s the management to meet the needs of your Institute/business, you maximize your staff’s work efficiency and notably improve your every Day/week employees schedule, both of which will always lead into wealthy campus/office environment through palgeo’s geofence attendance app.

When there are employees working in different shifts in different time zones, management need to have a proper tool with that which admin people can easily track the employess shift like who is in and which shift they working .
Palgeo’s geofence attendance apps new feature”Duty roster” create a easy schedule to portray each employees various shifts and to communicate to employees on time. Using Palgeo’s managemnt can automate rosters and
save time and avoid confusions and eliminate manual work.

The Palgeo Geofence Attendance system’s Duty roaster is suitable for all kinds of Organizations having single / multiple operating units, healthcare, hospitality, Educational campuses or Universities etc.

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