hinking of pandemic situation we introduce touch free/ attendance system using Beacons. Covering Shortrange (like inside selected Location /Entry/exit point office or Building) our integrated Beacon technology helps a lot to take attendance. If employee enter into beacon region with the help of Palgeo Geofencing attendance app (Beacon ID) capture the person IN/OUT time automatically […]

Duty Roster shift based Employees Scheduling

Here 2021’s very first update/feature in Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App (Geofence attendance) commonly known as Duty Roster shift based Employees Scheduling. Palgeo geofence attendance system understood the complexity of scheduling and matching time slots of the employees. Palgeo creates timesheets for each employee based on the roster or from their clock IN/OUT times. It’s so […]

Unidentified person’s face recognition and alert

Introducing unidentified person’s face recognition and alert in entries/exit as a new feature in “CCTV check In” Geofence based attendance system. When new person(except existing staff’s/student’s) walk in to the campus / office entry, our “CCTV check In” system alerts(Capture and marked) unidentify person

Simplifying time entry and management

Clock in and clock out using the Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App with your own device. In certain cases where the staff member forgets their phone, Palgeo app provides a facility where the supervisor can use their own phone or a common tab at the office entry for checking in such staff. Staff members can use […]

Palgeo announces the launch of the “Travel Check in” feature.

Travel Check in:
Field teams within organizations are always on the move and are out for purposes such as collections, deliveries, sales meetings etc. Organizations can now track the movements of field teams and staff can also make use of the advanced feature set within the Palgeo geofencing attendance app called Travel Check In and Check Out.

Announcing the launch of an innovative functionality “Locate Now”

Announcing the launch of an innovative functionality “Locate Now” within the Palgeo geofencing attendance management app. Project teams working at client sites clock their attendance remotely. Monitoring project teams who work remotely can lead to additional effort and costs for businesses. But with the Palgeo Locate Now functionality, real time location data of project staff […]