Realtime Attendance Management Software

Online Attendance Management System

Using the Palgeo Geofencing App, capture attendance of in site / off-site staff, create, monitor tasks, real time data of location of field personnel, CCTV check in & check out and a host of other features.

Palgeo Online Attendance Management Ecosystem

Student Attendance Management System

Palgeo smart attendance system is the only holistic app organizations will ever need for attendance and productivity enhancement purposes. Our Online Student Attendance Management system is most commonly used in mid to large enterprises, Government organizations, Health care facilities and Educational institutions. Improve productivity by using the inbuilt Artificial Intelligence Alerts and monitor employee performance through the comprehensive MIS alerts for management perusal.

Location based attendance tracking system

Palgeo Real time attendance App

Attendance marking for different staff types

Palgeo smart attendance management system enables staff not just working in offices but field staff like employees, sales and service personnel to log in their attendance from their respective locations. There are no special device requirements for attendance log in.Employees use their own devices to mark the attendance by downloading the simple Palgeo Geofencing attendance mobile app.

Geofencing, Travel Check in and Locate Now

Palgeo’s location based attendance tracking system suite includes the following solutions:

Geofencing and Geolocations
Geofencing and Geolocations

Supervisors can create virtual perimeters around office campuses, manufacturing plants, hospitals etc. Multiple geofences can be created within a single office complex or campus. Staff entry and exit within the office premises records their attendance. Employees use their own phones along with facial recognition for daily check in and check out. Using Palgeo’s smart attendance management system, supervisors can ensure no proxy attendance and completely touch free log-in meeting hygiene standards in the times of the pandemic.

Management has the option of tracking staff location at all times. Early check out as well as perimeter violations can also be identified.

Locate Now
Locate Now

Many times, managers need to contact their working staff on an urgent basis. Palgeo’s feature rich application suite includes an innovative option called “Locate Now”.

Using this feature, staff who are always on the field can be contacted and their distance from their workplaces can be sent as alerts to their senior managers. Current location of the staff will be measured and reported. If the staff have checked out for the day and are enroute to their residences, Palgeo app reports the closest possible time they reach their homes and ensures that their supervising staff do not call during their travel times.

Real time attendance
Real time attendance

Palgeo’s smart attendance facility provides real time tracking and management of attendance. At all times, management can view the daily and latest happenings at department, designation and organization level - Number of employees present, Number of employees absent, Number of employees who have checked in on time, staff who have checked in late etc.

Travel Check in
Travel Check in

Attendance tracking for field personnel such as sales staff, service staff and contractual employees working in customer locations do not have access to the attendance systems of their parent companies. Palgeo’s location based attendance system provides a travel check in option which can be used by employees who are always on the field. By using this option, apart from registering the attendance, staff can check in and check out at their present locations instead of arriving at the parent company premises for the attendance registration purposes.