Online Leave Management System

Palgeo – geofencing attendance system’s Leave Master tracks all type of time off the employee’s like Vacations, On Duty, Permission, Personal time off and leaves of absence. Using Palgeo – geofencing attendance system, has a dashboard with whole management with all information about who’s off the calendar for their employees and HR needs.

Palgeo’s LM Assign leaves for eligible employees automatically on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. All leave transactions of employees tracked their leave balances, automatically updated with the help of the Leave master.

Leave MAster

Palgeo APP

Takes care of:​​

1. Request for Leave, On Duty, Permission, Missed Punch, Forgot Mobile

2. Tracking of a requested leave approval of an employee (Automatic tracking and updating) and information on available balance leaves. This approval is based on Hierarchy as per the Management flow. These features have been added in Palgeo – geofencing attendance app so that employees can easily access their leave request and self-track the status.

3. Admin / HR can view built-in leave reports, such as Leave Available Report for individual staff, Negative Leave Balance Report, Leave Encashment Report, etc.,


Missed Check-In

Palgeo – Geofencing attendance system provides a unique feature to address Missed check-in (False Absence) which might be caused due to an external factor like a network issue.In such a case employees who have logged in are not viewed by the admin. In such a case of a missed check-in, the employees easily request and get their attendance updated in the primary leave the ledger.