Palgeo’s Partner Program

Attendance marking is a simple daily task which needs to be carried out by all employees within an organization.But needs of organizations for this daily task are varied and are not similar.

Is there a single approach which can be safe, secure and still be an uncomplicated procedure while serving the needs of the many?

Palgeo’s cloud based Geo Attendance Software using latest technologies like Face Recognition, Integrated time tracking on a mobile device and management of tasks enables organizations to save efforts and money every year. A solution which is suitable for customers with single / multiple operating units, ability for employees to log time at their customer’s work location, ability for easy reconciliation and generation of payroll are some of the benefits of using the system. Palgeo’s does not just sell the attendance management software, we help in ensuring that staff and employees reach their workplaces on time.

We are actively looking for partners working across varied industry domains such as Engineering & Construction, Manufacturing, Health care, Education, Hospitality and so forth.

Become a Partner

Benefits of being a Palgeo Partner

Provide human resources centric solutions to customers and prospects through our leading and secure time tracking and management system.

We provide special incentives to increase revenue and drive your business. Leverage our experience and resources to help in marketing this innovative solution to your customers.

Auto reconciliation process for generation of revenue statements. Each authorised channel partner is provided a referral code which when used by their own referral customers ensures seamless reconciliation of billing information.

We provide online training programs to give you a detailed perspective on the product and help you sell and enhance your profits.