S.A College Case Study

S.A College is keeping track of their employees with Palgeo’s Geofencing Attendance App

It was pleasant for Palgeo Geofencing App to know and get collaborated with the S.A College of Arts and Science.

More about S.A. College of Arts and Science:

SACAS has a campus spanning 3.43 acres. With all the facilitated classrooms they are fully equipped Digitalized Library. The S.A College is also affiliated with the University of Madras. They currently offer 12 courses at the Under Graduate level.

They aim to provide affordable education to all the students and also with concentrating on nurturing holistic development. They themselves and their student involves in the social responsibility for country development.

They have established the S. A. Polytechnic College in the years 1996-97. Then started the S.A. Engineering College in 1998-99. After that, the education stream of a CBSE school was started in the year 2014. S.A. is complied with various courses and also showing their and students responsibility as a country citizen.


S.A. College of Arts and Science association with Palgeo’s Geofencing Location-based Attendance App to enable them to track their employee inside their campus and also provides the QR-Code Generation Feature. All with this single Palgeo Mobile APP.

Real-Time Solution:

Palgeo App is providing the automatic Check-IN and Check-Out.

If Staff enters in S.A. College Campus the Auto Check-In and Auto Check-Out are offered on the basis of location. If a staff enters the college campus will get checked in with Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App and if staff is done with their time and has left the campus, outside the location will get Automatically Check-Out.

Palgeo has also provided QR-Code generation

for Check-In and Check-Out. QR-Code id, if an employee of S.A. College forgets their mobile and have to enter the attendance through Palgeo Attendance App, the Admin or Head of Department of collage can generate the QR-Code for the person to place their attendance.

How Palgeo Geofencing has been great help to the S.A College?

Having such a big campus and various departments with many qualified staffs and new or old students, it is difficult to keep track of every person. Even keeping track is a time-consuming and hectic process. Palgeo Geofencing Mobile App has helped them to overcome the challenge of keeping the track of their employees or staff in campus.