Home Diagnostic is the future of the Diagnostic World and how Palgeo is an imperative tool to manage and track Diagnostic Task Force.

Home diagnostics has arisen as a saviour for people confined at home, and positive experiences have triggered a mindset shift amongst masses from lab-visits to at-home checkups. Home diagnostics is still at a nascent stage and lacks penetration at the moment, but this is bound to change as people have understood the convenience of at-home tests. The diagnostics category’s inflection point has arrived this year with home diagnostics set for unprecedented growth.
However growth has come with its own set of challenges when it comes to managing and tracking the large task force that needs to be deployed to enable people to receive diagnosis from the comfort of their homes.

Presented by: Raman Malhotra – Business Development Manager, Palgeo Attendance App
• We gave got together two leader Dr. Rajan Verma, Medical Director of Onquest Laboratories & Dr Verma’s Diagnostic Clinic
& Dr. P.Senthil, : Founder & CEO of Palgeo Attendance App
to discuss these challenges and their solutions.

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