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Dynamic Secured QR Code linked Geofencing Attendance System

Optimum security, accuracy and authentication is provided by Palgeo Attendance App under all circumstances. To address wandering GPS issues we provide a QR Code Feature that : Addresses GPS issues: […]

Geofence Attendance – Get Alert about Entry and Exit of an Employee

We believe 100% that geofence attendance should be the one only effective system for this pandemic time. Most difficult part in attendance is collecting data from various location, In Palgeo […]

Introducing Duty Roaster – Staff Scheduling in Palgeo’s Geofence Attendance App

Duty Roster means the allotment of jobs, hours of duty, and days off for each member of the staff. The work shifts or timings may vary according to the organazation. […]

Added New Advantage in Touchless Attendance

CCTV Check In now enhanced with Unidentified Face recognition and Alert in Attendance Management Software In tech era, organizations give more important to security systems. Our Palgeo CCTV Check In […]

Palgeo CCTV Check In Feature

Palgeo Geofencing Attendance app uses some Ingenious and inbuilt technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) alerts which assist employees to mark their attendance completely touch free.  The Palgeo Geo fencing based […]

Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App

Geofencing Attendance App from Palgeo: The year 2020 has forced organizations around the world to reinvent the way they conduct their daily operations. Government and the private sector companies are […]