Geofence Attendance – Get Alert about Entry and Exit of an Employee

We believe 100% that geofence attendance should be the one only effective system for this pandemic time. Most difficult part in attendance is collecting data from various location, In Palgeo geofence attendance system used to get the entire workforce attendance at a minute – no matter where they are.

Palgeo – Geofencing attendance mobile app let do more than just the check – IN/OUT process. It gives the accessibility to monitoring employees’ place in real time based using geo attendance app, and have them do a set of safety checks to let you know everything is going well at the workplace. The hardest part to know the employees directions to their allotted work location and allow the management to communicate easily.

Generally, Geo attendance app feature allows an admin/management to set geographical areas (Configured Zone – Building within campus or outdoor campus)to limit where an employee is permitted. An administrator can define an unlimited number of zones and assign them to employees, based on factors such as day of the week, time of day, and more.

Palgeo – Geofence attendance app exactly forward the alert about entry and exit. Specially our geofence mobile attendance app automatically inform to the management when the person/employee enters or exits in a configured zone. Ensure each employee fulfil the assigned work by using palgeo’s geofence attendance mobile application.

Being safe

People can mark attendance from their entry of the building itself through palgeo’s geofencing mobile application.

Palgeo system allows registering attendance easy by its mobile feature where the employees can mark their attendance from mobile phones as well with face recognition and geo-fenced.

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